LinkedIn provides job listings for vaccine rollout

LinkedIn is offering free job listings to organizations that are hiring for the COVID-19 vaccination effort.

The professional networking service announced Wednesday that it’s providing the service through May 15 to companies, governments and nonprofits that are hiring people such as pharmacists and nurses.

The move comes after LinkedIn last year offered free job listings to medical providers that were rapidly staffing up in the early days of the pandemic to handle the surge of patients. The site said it helped 330,000 people find COVID medical jobs in that effort.

“We connect people to opportunity, and we can do this at massive scale,” said Meg Garlinghouse, LinkedIn’s head of social impact. “We feel like we have a unique obligation and responsibility to do our part.”

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Heritage Middle School choir teacher Samantha Speakmon (center) gets her first dose of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine from Licking County Health Department public health nurse Brittany Goldsberry (right) with her son Jacob nearby during a vaccination clinic for school district faculty and staff in Ohio on Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2021. Speakmon looked forward to the protection vaccination offered and not having to worry about the risks of coronavirus as much.

The company is also providing free ads through June 30 to organizations that are adding at least 1,000 volunteers to accelerate the immunization effort. And LinkedIn is providing free advertisements to organizations that are spreading facts about the vaccines. Those marketers include The Ad Council and the U.N. Verified Initiative.

As of December, the most in-demand vaccine distribution jobs were pharmacists, registered nurses, logistical technicians and medical assistants.

The top companies posting jobs on LinkedIn for the vaccination effort so far are CVS Health, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Nursing Careers, Ingles Market and Specialty Medical Staffing.

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