Did 14% of New Yorkers get COVID-19?

Did 14% of New Yorkers get COVID-19?A woman walks through an almost-deserted Times Square on April 23 in New York City.

Preliminary results from a massive coronavirus antibody test are in. Deadly storms left a trail of devastation in the South. And sports are BACK – at least virtually.

It's Ashley with the news to know.

But first, I like it when you stay home for Big Poppa: The interwebs are absolutely obsessed with a very, very sad bulldog stuck at home during quarantine.

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2.7 million New Yorkers may have had the coronavirus

Antibody test results from a random sample of New Yorkers showed the coronavirus outbreak is widespread across the state. New York may have 13.9% of its population infected with coronavirus, meaning 2.7 million residents could have had the virus, preliminary results Thursday showed. New York heath officials conducted antibody tests of 3,000 people to help researchers understand how many people have been infected with the virus and where – a key to help guide New York's decisions on where it might start to reopen businesses in the coming months.

What are antibody tests, anyway?

Antibody testing will help health experts better assess how many people have contracted COVID-19 and developed antibodies that may make them immune to reinfection or spreading the virus.

Antibodies are the body’s way of remembering how it responded to an infection, such as COVID-19, so it can fight the virus again. Antibody testing works by using blood samples to isolate antibodies. If a patient has coronavirus antibodies, they would be found in the blood sample. Antibody tests are key to reopening America because they could determine whether enough people have immunity to protect those who haven't contracted the virus. But scientists aren't totally sure that having the antibodies makes you immune, or for how long.

Sen. Warren’s oldest brother died from coronavirus

Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced that her oldest brother, Donald Reed Herring, died Tuesday after being infected with the coronavirus. "I'll miss you dearly my brother,” she wrote in a tweet.

A record-breaking number of Americans file for unemployment

More than 26 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits over the past five weeks, revealing the devastating toll the coronavirus pandemic has taken on the economy. About 4.4 million people filed for unemployment benefits last week, the Labor Department said Thursday.

House set to approve $484 billion coronavirus relief bill

A popular small-business loan program that ran out of money is about to get a cash infusion. The House is likely to approve legislation Thursday that would pump $320 billion into the Paycheck Protection Program, designed to keep small businesses from shuttering and their workers from going on unemployment. Here’s a look at what’s in the bill.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi walks out of the chamber of the House of Representatives after the debate on the additional $484 billion dollar relief package amid the coronavirus pandemic.

What everyone’s talking about

A drone video shows NYC's Hart Island, long a mass burial ground, is active amid the coronavirus pandemic. Not all who die are counted: What we know about the people who may be missing from coronavirus stats.Trump says the military's Blue Angels and Thunderbirds will perform over cities. Not all are thrilled.The Hot Pockets heiress in the college admissions scandal wants to serve her prison sentence at home, citing the coronavirus. "The Marie Antoinette of the Senate": GOP Rep. Pete King slammed Mitch McConnell for suggesting states go bankrupt.

Tornadoes, floods leave at least 7 dead

The bad weather keeps coming. Severe storms continued to roar across the Deep South on Thursday after floods and apparent tornadoes in Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana killed at least seven people and left thousands without power. The anticipated outbreak of severe weather across Alabama, Georgia and North Florida could linger into Friday, the National Weather Service in Tallahassee said. The latest storms follow tornado outbreaks this month that killed more than two dozen people and caused millions of dollars in damage across the South.

Thomas Marcum shot video of a tornado from State Highway 48 in Durant, Okla., on April 22.

A small victory for beaches

Conservatives rule the Supreme Court, but on Thursday, the justices sided with environmentalists in a complex water pollution case. The high court ruled that when pollution is discharged almost directly into oceans, lakes and rivers – even if it goes over or under land first – the polluters need permits. It will be up to lower courts to decide whether Maui County, Hawaii, falls into that category for injecting treated sewage into groundwater that reached Pacific Ocean beaches, but environmental groups are confident of victory now that the Supreme Court has ruled.

Real quick

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady mistakenly entered a stranger's home in Tampa. Joe Biden fares almost as well with young voters as Bernie Sanders in a matchup versus Trump, a new poll found.Uber offers 50,000 free rides and free food to shelters for domestic abuse victims."Bachelor" alum Michelle Money's daughter Brielle is "walking and talking" after serious brain trauma.A woman found the remains of a Revolutionary War shipwreck in a New Jersey creek. Yep, she sure did. Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will be joined by Peyton Manning and Tom Brady for the second edition of "The Match."

Imagine Michael Jordan giving you a black eye

Apparently, Michael Jordan punched Steve Kerr in the face back in the day. Maybe I’m the only person who didn’t know this because #sports. Anyway, Kerr said the altercation in 1995 during a training camp “helped our relationship.” In an interview on "NBA on TNT," Kerr – the coach of the Golden State Warriors and a former teammate of Jordan's – explained how the brawl shaped his relationship with Jordan and made both players better. “For me in that case, Michael was definitely testing me, and I responded. I feel like I kind of passed the test, and he trusted me more afterwards,” he said. That's one way to bond, I suppose.

Steve Kerr disagrees with Michael Jordan that Scottie Pippen was 'selfish' to delay surgery.Steve Kerr was teammates with Michael Jordan for five seasons with the Bulls, winning three championships.

Speaking of sports, remember when that was a thing? It's back

NFL pros take center stage for the first time in more than a month Thursday night when the National Football League kicks off its collegiate draft. Virtually, but still. The USA TODAY Sports team will (obviously) have brilliant live updates and analysis of the event. If you want to follow along, check back here at 8 p.m. EDT!

A break from the news

Yesterday, I told you how to give yourself a buzzcut; today, we've got more styling options. Meditation during coronavirus: 3 easy steps to get started at home.The top 20 products people are buying.

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